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Lexi Winters

Curvy Canadian

Lexi Winters

About Lexi

Lexi runs a popular TikTok account that got big featuring her lovely curves and glam look.

Follow Lexi's Instagram and follow Lexi's TikTok, and become a member of her premium content website, for all her amazing content.

Like a lot of Shore Thang talent, Lexi is a Canadian. She's originally from British Columbia but currently resides in Alberta.

Lexi is a friend of Kendra Rowe's and first blipped on the Shore Thang radar in 2020, before finally contributing exclusive content for this website in 2022.

Lexi is featured on the Shore Thang YouTube channel. She made a TikTok dance tutorial and a Miss Guided try-on haul.

Lexi is a natural beauty. Her voluptuous curves, lips, and Scandinavian beauty all fit right into the roster of Shore Thang beauties.

Like a lot of curvy influencers, Lexi looks like an actress from a Roger Corgman movie. Actresses in Roger Corman films were often cast based on their physical appearance and sex appeal. Corman was known for featuring attractive, young women in his films, often in roles that required them to wear revealing clothing or participate in scenes with sexual content.

Many of the actresses who appeared in Corman's films were known as "Corman's Girls" and included well-known actresses such as Barbara Steele, Pam Grier, and Mary Woronov.

Like TikTok?? Lexi is down for all of it!

Dance Challenges: One of the most popular trends on TikTok is dance challenges, where users create and share their own dance routines set to popular songs.

Lip Syncing: Another popular trend on TikTok is lip syncing to famous movie and TV show quotes or popular songs.

DIY Projects: Many TikTok users enjoy sharing their DIY projects, from home renovation to crafting and cooking.

Memes: TikTok is also known for creating and sharing memes, often using the app's editing tools to add funny captions or special effects.

Challenges: Challenges are another popular trend on TikTok, where users create and participate in various challenges such as "Flip the Switch" and "Bottle Cap Challenge." Education: TikTok also has a growing educational community where users share knowledge and information on a wide range of topics, from history to science.


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